What you need to know to begin printing on fabrics

►printing on silk

►printing on cotton for quilt blocks

►supply sources

►getting the best printing results

directions for making your own paper backing for any fabric

Perhaps you are an artist who wants some of your art printed on silk for a wall hanging or scarf.
Perhaps you are a quilter who has some wonderful photos you want printed on fabric for a project.
Perhaps you are a photographer who wants to explore other options besides printing on paper.
Perhaps you have tried printing on the paper-backed fabric sheets that are readily available in stores and on-line.
Perhaps you have not been totally satisfied with prints you are getting from these products, but have settled for it, or continue to hope something better will come along.
Perhaps this is the day you were waiting for.
Something better has come along, and the prospects of printing on fabric keep getting better.


This book is in magazine format, 32 pages crammed full of information for the beginner plus useful tips for all. See a preview:




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Written by Donnalee Dunne, art instructor at California State University, Fresno, and involved with computer art and printing for over twenty-five years, this book is a must for quilters or anyone wanting to see their art as fabric.